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Guitar tab for Miles Of Machines Main Arpeggio by Jeff Loomis

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

After transcribing some part of Devil Theory, here’s the transcription of Miles Of Machine, the main arpeggio.

Youtube: miles of machine by Jeff Loomis

Originally  transcribed using tuxguitar, I exported it to ascii so I could add the fingering and the chords.

Transcription: miles_of_machines_jeff_loomis

HTHYGP (hope this helps your guitar playing)

Guitar tablature for Devil Theory by Jeff Loomis (delay arpeggio section)

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Youtube is a wonderful tool for musicians. I recently started learning some guitar solos shown on youtube.

One artist whose playing I admire very much is Jeff Loomis (Nevermore and solo artist).

In this post ( he uses a classical basis with some delay to create a stunning little piece. I spent 3 afternoons transcribing this using tuxguitar, then export to ascii so I could add the fingering.


HTHYGP (hope this helps your guitar playing)