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CISM test passed

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Yes, I did it again. New year, new test, same result (apart from the unfortunate CKAD exam but it’s not quite over there yet because I have a free re-take)

Apparently I will receive an email confirmation with the definite result in about 10 days but I don’t think they will change the result *fingerscrossedthough*

The hurdle work experience in order to get actually certified is a different story though….

Anyway, next up are take 2 on the CKAD exam followed by CISA….

In case you are wondering: I used to CISM All-in-one guide by Peter H. Gregory and an app called ISACA CISM by pocket prep to crunch practice questions.

Number of the year 2019: 6118

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

The year 2019 is over, 2020 is the new 2019.

The number 6118 is quite a representation of 2019. What does it stand for? Of course, it’s an approximation but here goes:

Number of weeks: 46 (52 minus some weeks public holidays, business trips, end/beginning of year, etc.)

Number of kilometers per day: 26.6

Number of workdays per week: 5

Multiplied together: 6118 kilometers spent commuting on the bicycle in 2019. No wonder my legs feel tired…

Update: Fixed two typos. Shame on me for making them, kudos to me for fixing them.

Update II: Together with 6118, there’s also 1 (replacing both tires 1 time) and 2 (replacing the brake pads 2 times)