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Nils Norberg – Lick Me, guitar tab

Saturday, August 1st, 2020

Credit where credit is due!

I love this piece by Nils Norberg, he plays it so effortlessly:

youtube link

I was trying to find the tab file for it and it took me a while but here it is:

(I had to zip it because wordpress does not allow uploading tpb files…)

If you don’t have a pro guitar player (I don’t) you can use Tux Guitar

Guitar tablature for Devil Theory by Jeff Loomis (delay arpeggio section)

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Youtube is a wonderful tool for musicians. I recently started learning some guitar solos shown on youtube.

One artist whose playing I admire very much is Jeff Loomis (Nevermore and solo artist).

In this post ( he uses a classical basis with some delay to create a stunning little piece. I spent 3 afternoons transcribing this using tuxguitar, then export to ascii so I could add the fingering.


HTHYGP (hope this helps your guitar playing)