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Recording in Cubase 7.5 using the Tascam US-366

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

I upgraded my audio recording setup to Win8.1 and Cubase 7.5 (64bit) and installed the Tascam US-366, a USB-soundcard.

At first, I had a hard time finding the correct settings for recording but after a bit of fiddling I am able to record a drum track (drum computer) and a guitar track at the same time.

If you’re still lost, read on. Please be warned that this post is very basic. I’ll explain how to record mono tracks and I still have some questions regarding my own setup. But I hope I’ll be able to put you on the right tracks *chuckle*

1) Install the US-Tascam 366 as explained in the the guide. Make it your default sound device in Windows. Set it to Multi Track (switch on the back)

2) Open a Cubase project, set the VST connections – Input as follows:


That is, if you’re recording a mono track. Also, I’m not sure if these are the default settings for the TASCAM. These settings work for my setup, maybe you will have to change them.

3) Set the VST connections – Outputs as follows:


* Note: You can test the output settings quite easily: Import an audio track into Cubase (menu File -> Import -> Import audio file…) and play around with the Outputs until you can hear the music playing. Make sure that the correct Audio Device is selected and that you can also play audio files in Windows e.g. using VLC

4) In a project, add an audio track. And here comes the tricky part: In the track inspector, the correct input and output must be set as well:

track_presetI used this track for the guitar. The second track for the drum machine has the input “Mono In 2”

Basically, that’s it! Hope this helps you some, be creative!

Bonus tip: If you want to record both tracks at the same time, open the mixer (F3) and select the tracks you want to record – provided you set them to separate inputs as explained above:

MixerOf course, naming the tracks helps the overview quite a lot…



I wrote I’m using Win 8.1 for recording. Please don’t get me wrong. Win 8.1 and its farked up mix of GUI paradigms is the worst version of Windows I’ve ever come across. Usually I prefer to work on Ubuntu but Cubase does not come with a Linux version. And Mac OS X is getting worse and worse. I know there are alternatives on Linux, thank you. But I’ve visited an expensive course for Cubase, so that’s that.
Anyway, the only good thing about Win 8.1 is its quick boot compared to Windows 7. And once you install Classic Shell you basically get a usable Windows version.