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大失敗だ! A (somewhat) typical example of Japanglish

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

During a recent stay I found the following signboard in a (upperclass) Onsen/hotel:


The text in Japanese says 客室 (kyakushitsu) which means “guest room”. Unfortunately, the English translation says “GUWST ROOM”.

This is very vexing due to the following factors:

1) It’s a dictionary word, not a grammatical problem and can be found in a dictionary.
2) According to the Japanese way, nothing can be decided by a single person. I’m pretty sure there were meetings and comittees who had to decide on an appropriate text. Meaning, no one was aware of this mistake the whole time. I don’t even think there are words containing this particular combination of letters.

It just leaves a kind of bitter aftertaste…