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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011




新HSK preparation course很厉害!

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

This week I’ve been taking part in a preparation course for the 新汉语水平考试 which will take place in October. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

When the first lesson started, I had a flashback to my time in Japan about which I wrote quite some stuff here. Anyway, the similarities were that I on the first day, I only understood about every third or fourth word the teacher said. On the second day, it was more like every third or second word but not because my listening skills were dramatically enhanced overnight but because the teacher spoke slower. And the listening exercices… I’m still no good at that. Grammar – I’m doing fine. Vocabulary  – I’m catching up.

This time I’m “only” taking level 3. I know, I know… for everyone else out there who has been studying 汉语 for several years and who has Chinese parents it’s a piece of cake. But face it, I’m working full time and my day only has 24 hours and five of them I need for sleep. Unfortunately, level 4 is too difficult for me because of the listening test, I’m pretty sure I’d flunk it. So I’d rather have a certificate on the wall to motivate me for another rather than having spent money and getting nothing in return! But one day, even level 4 will be possible for me!

I’ll let you know the result which should be available at the end of November!

UPDATE: After finishing the preparation course (which focused on 四级 only), I decided to take the level 4 test as well. All the tests are on the same day but at different times so unlike the JLPT you could try your luck at all 6 levels the same day. What an ordeal that would be. Fortunately, the fee for the 新HSK is not exorbitant, even if I wouldn’t pass level 4, I think it’s worth the experience… keep your fingers crossed for me ^_^

HSK level woes

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Another day, another failure…
In my quest to conquer another language I started learning Mandarin two years ago. I’ve taken an introductory course two years ago and am working on a second textbook which will soon be finished. So it was time to find a new textbook and I’ve decided on a textbook based on the HSK curriculum – but the research prior to acquiring the textbook was not sufficient.

What happened?

Taking a quick look at HSK in wikipedia I grabbed the info that there was a Elementary level. Thinking this level might suit me fine I ran off to a bookshop to order a textbook because I couldn’t find anything appropriate on Amazon. They ordered the book for me and I picked it up this weekend. By the way, between ordering the book and handing it over to me, the price was raised 5%. I think I will call them about this… Anyway, thumbing through the book I felt somewhat intimidated – the content looked quite tough. Many unknown words, long sentences – this is Elementary? I thought, suited for beginners (association: elementary school)

Some more googling revealed the following: HSK is divided into four levels: Basic, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced where as Elementary and Intermediate are grouped into one. Unfortunately, the lowest level is not Elementary but Basic.

Looks like I’ll have to get a different book…

For the time being, from this page you can download vocabulary for the different levels in different formats, even pre-formatted for Mnemosyne, my favourite educational vocabulary tool: