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Lost (in) Translation

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Two things:
I started this blog a week ago, full of enthusiasm. I’m still enthusiastic but realistically speaking with all my activities outside work I’ll probably only have time to write entries on the weekends. I guess I could work on drafts in the train but that would make me look like a hyper-nerd (even nowadays) and I think occasionally I need to spend some time not in front of a screen

Sadly over the last two years I forgot quite a number of hats, caps, gloves in trains, trams, buses… *argh* But this one hurts: I lost/forgot my trusty, beloved Canon Wordtank G50 somewhere on the public transportation. There’s hope somebody delivered it to Lost+Found as it is a rather special gimmick – I guess not a lot of people have much use for Japanese to English electronic dictionary (it’s actually made for Japanese people).
Although there are newer models, I’m not much impressed with those. What I like about the G50 is that it boots quickly (later models are much slower), there’s a several dictionaries included (nothing special there I guess), you can bookmark works and even use it as a learning tool. Later models tend to have speaker where you can have words pronounced but with English/Japanese I don’t really need that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get it back…
*keeping fingers crossed*

UPDATE: Got it back from the Lost&Found office. As previously assumed, not many people have a use for an English-Japanese Canon Wordtank G50 with pictures of myself at the back in a run-down case and re-chargeable batteries! *cheer*