HowTo transfer files from Ubuntu 12.04 to your Huawei Smartphone

For some reasons, Google dropped the USB mass storage file transfer in Android 4.x in favor of MTP which makes it hard somewhat hard to transfer files to and fro an Android-based Smartphone if you don’t have a Windows of Mac OS X installation around. This move has not been very popular with a lot of users who use Linux, especially since Android is Linux based, too.

However, apart from ftp’ing ssh’ing files, there is an alternative: Darran Kartaschew brewed up his own simple digital file player called gMTP

On Ubuntu, it can be installed via sudo apt-get install gmtp

Afterwards, connect your Smartphone to the PC with whatever USB-cable that came with the phone and (on a Huawei Smartphone), change the USB setting to “HiSuite”. gMTP will ask if you want to mount the SD-card or the device itself and there you go. If you select the device, you can browse the complete Android installation. No rooting required.

gMTP’s GUI looks somewhat rough and transfer is not that fast but for the occasional transfer, it should be enough. It’s still much better than iTunes 11 😉


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