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Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Finally a hopefully creative output as promised in the blog’s title. At least, I think so.

Sometimes buying a card for a birthday is okay, but often something self-made says “I spent a lot of time because you’re worth it!” In my case, it also says “I was in a hurry again and couldn’t buy you anything so here’s something I made myself”.

For the following birthday message, you need the following things:
-A colour printer
-Hole puncher
-Sticky tape
-Some present wrapping cords (human entrails might be an acceptable substitute in some cultures)
-Two bookshelves to hang this up in between (or pillars, candelabers, one-legged giants – whatever floats your boat)

Self-made stuff is the best!

First, write your message in LibreOffice. Define the page as landscape, make every letter a different colour, raise the size of the letters to 168 and print all the pages.

Then, use your favourite browser to head over to and download whatever clipart you like. If possible, save the graphics in .svg format (scalable vector graphics) because it’s the easiest format to resize the clipart. Print them as well.

Cut out the letters in whatever form you want. I went for hearts for this one, but stars are also nice. If your friend gambles, consider diamonds or piks. If you want to befriend a monkey, banana-formed paper would help your advancements.

Cut out the clipart and glue or sticky-tape it to approprate places.

Punch a hole to the left and to the right of each page you cut out. Tie a double-knot into some present wrapping cord and insert them through the holes from behind and let the rest hang down in front. Place another knot in the front to prevent the pages from sliding apart too much. Also, gravity will pull everything slightly down. Best image a wide half-circle when punching the holes, this will save you some aggravation.

Use the sticky tape to hang up this ornamental writing wherever it can be seen but where it won’t accidentally behead people who run into it a full speed and at neck-level.

Experimental hygiene

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Inspired by the following post on

I decided to give this a try myself. It’s been about six weeks that I stopped using soap or shampoo. Occasionally I still wash my hands with handsoap but apart from that, nada.


The first three weeks my hair felt somewhat wiry but in the meantime it’s gone back to normal. It doesn’t feel any better or any worse. The dandruff I experienced previously (and kept under control with H+S) has not become any worse, I’d rather say it’s gotten better. There are still occasional flakes but nothing heavy.

Not much change here.  I still have to shower every second or third day depending on how much I sweat (I easily start sweating in ’embarassing’ situations or when I am in rooms that feel hot or stuffy). No bad odours so far even after playing soccer, jogging or bicycling. On a positive note: this red spot (some kind of skin irritation) on my right side has pretty much healed.
Sometimes I do miss the smell of some spicy body shampoo though…

I definitely feel good, no problem with hygiene at all.
Showering takes longer than before and because I’m using more hot water now than compared to last year, financial savings are presumably negligible.

Your mileage may vary. If you don’t mind a transitional phase, you’ll be off much more natural afterwards. I’m glad I gave it a try and I probably won’t go back to the soapy way…


Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Seit es so warm ist, wächst bei mir auf dem Balkon diese Pflanze… Hat jemand eine Ahnung, um welche Pflanze es sich da handelt?


Welche Pflanze?

Falls es sich um eine Art Unkraut oder gar was Ünerwünschtes handelt, werde ich sie natürlich entfernen und entsorgen…

Danke jedenfalls schon mal für ernsthafte Kommentare!

On the uselessness of the security theater at airports…

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

We happened to travel recently. From Asia back to Europe and as usual, planes are the only way to go.
As we all know, due to terrorist attacks, security checks at airport have gotten stricter and stricter.
One of the most disputable limitation is the amount of fluids you can bring on board. Whether it’s really possible to stop would-be-terrorists with that security measure is beyond me but for sure, for passengers it’s just a hassle.

It gets even worse. We had to change planes at Helsinki. We actually got off the plane and immediately had to pass through a security check. Hello? Where the heck would we have been able to pick up something dangerous? It’s like saying: “We don’t trust the security at other airports!”
Anyway, I brought a pet bottle of water with me from the plane. Of course, I had to hand it over. My travel mate brought a small bottle of salad dressing with her in the hand luggages which was also taken away. When I told the female security guard that I feel safer now that she removed that “dangerous liquid”, she was seriously threatening me: “Do you really want to get on your next plane?” I was so tempted to talk back to her but I guess she was on her period and Finnish women can be very intimidating.
Of course, I’m being unfair now, but once we passed through security we came  to the kiosks and the duty free section where you can buy all sorts of drinks and stuff. And guess what? When we were boarding the next plane, there were no additional security checks…

1,2… 1,2… is this on?

Friday, January 8th, 2010

So… after carefully thinking on how to continue, I convinced myself I could give a blog a try… Let’s see how long I can keep this up 🙂

You’ve probably noticed that my real homepage has not been updated for quite a while – reason is, it was too much manual work. Hopefully this is easier to keep up. (edit from the after putting the blog up: ironically putting the blog up and adjusting my site was not even that much work, a couple of links in txt files, one new .gif file  et voilà. we’re there. but still maintaining the links to the older pages is still cumbersome as they are all textfiles while cute little bloggie here pulls everything out of a database…)